The Human Guild

We want every human to be rewarded for bringing their creations to the world.

The Opportunity

The Human Guild is an open group of founders and creators who believe everyone should be able to earn what they need in order to do what they love.

Our Purpose

Our mission is to increase the number of people earning cryptocurrencies every day. This helps, but our community is always with you so you are not alone.

Thinking Forward

The Internet is changing and we want more people to experience the future together without barriers and gatekeeping. Build what you think is useful for humanity.

2010—2020 has been an incredible period of achievement and chaos for those who wanted to see change in the Internet tools and services people use every day.

Bitcoin sparked the greatest wealth creation event of our generation since the Internet. Ethereum ignited a revolution in computing, turning application-specific Bitcoin into a general-purpose computing platform for the entire globe.

Today we are proudly moving from a place where people are mainly buying and selling digital assets to a space where the masses are using blockchain-powered apps to participate in an economy that has gatekept them from having true economic freedom.

The Human Guild's purpose is to obliterate the barriers and gatekeeping that prevent people from creating what they love. We are overjoyed to have the priviledge of helping the next generation of passion driven founders achieve what they want.

Thats why we exist. Come create with us!

The Builders

We are just getting started.
There are already many founders and creators building with us.


Open invitation

Tired of waiting to make something?
Come build with us!